Data upgrade in the National Taxpayers Registry (RNC by the spanish initials): a taxpayer primary duty.

The Taxation Code of the Dominican Republic regulates the primary rights and duties of a taxpayer. By those duties, every taxpayer, representative or third party has the obligation to help the Tax Administration with the jobs of investigation, determination and collection (levying) of taxes. 
Therefore, the Dominican Taxation Code establishes in its article number 50 letter e) the duties of every taxpayer, specifically the obligation of informing the Tax Administration all the variations or modifications in the information of the National Taxpayers Registry (RNC by the spanish initials). 
In that note, a data or information upgrade is required when there are variations or modifications regarding one the next aspects;

a) The company’s domicile: street, number, neighborhood, state or country. 

b) Telephone number or email address, in case they have one.

c) The company’s name. 

d) The purposes of the company. 

e) The number of shares and shares holders in the company. 

f) When or if the company decides to stops operations. 

g) The winding-up, liquidation or dissolution of a company. 

The notification of the data upgrade should be made in the Tax Administration office, within the next ten (10) days after the change or modification has taken place . 
On the other hand, if there are different changes from the ones mention in the letter e) of article 50 of the Taxation Code, like for example a transformation of the company, a merger or acquisition or even the increase or decrease of the company’s capital, the taxpayer will be obligated to fulfill another series of steps established in the law before proceeding with a data upgrade. 
In addition, the Tax Administration has the option of using the sanctioning power the article 46 of the Taxation Code gives them, by imposing a fine for the amount of Twenty Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Dominican Pesos (RD$25,790.00) to those companies that chose not to proceed with the upgrade of the National Taxpayers Registry (RNC by the spanish initials) data when its needed. 
Finally, the next table of contents indicates the amount to pay in Dominican Pesos as fine for violating the data upgrade obligation. 
Non-governmental organizations  (NGOs) RD$25,790.00
Natural Person/ Wholly Own Business RD$25,790.00
Tax-Free Area RD$25,790.00
Corporations and Companies RD$25,790.00
Big Businesses RD$30,948
Big National Businesses RD$31,200.00



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